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Dear Ukrainians! We understand your difficult situation and will do everything in our power to help you adapt to this new reality.

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Luxembourg job search rules (updated)

The EU has decided that refugees from Ukraine should not go through the asylum procedure and receive temporary protection in all member states.

Temporary protection status entitles the persons concerned to work in Luxembourg. Persons receiving temporary protection are exempted from applying for a temporary employment permit and are thus free to access the labor market in Luxembourg without a special permit as long as their temporary protection certificate is valid.

Once they have officially received temporary protection status, those interested can also register as jobseekers with the Employment Development Agency (ADEM). Recipients of temporary protection status can contact ADEM by e-mail  or by phone +352 247 88 888

Employers can contact the Employers’ Department directly (247-88000,

All information on the reception of people who fled the war in Ukraine is available on the website:

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