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Psychological trauma or PTSD among refugees is a real and pressing concern.  A recent WHO review of mental disorders in war-affected populations found an average PTSD rate of 15.3%, far higher than in populations unaffected by armed conflict.

Chronic stress and the breakdown of protective networks make refugees, particularly children, vulnerable to the impacts of trauma, poor health, economic and life outcomes.  Unfortunately, refugees’ stories don’t end when they escape – violence and humanitarian crises take huge tolls on people’s mental health.


As the war continues, the opportunity for Ukrainians to return home decreases and the need for stability in their new country increases, thus support for Ukrainian refugees is shifting from immediate necessities like food and shelter to health, housing, and job support.

In a non-traditional method of support, LUkraine has created a mental health program for Ukrainians, by Ukrainians.
In partnership with Doctena


Psychological Support Project had  started in late May’22, featuring partnership with Doctena.lu and six Ukrainian therapists.

Since then, over 1500 psychological support sessions were held helping adults, teenagers and little kids to get their lives back on track and start caring about themselves.

This became possible thanks to your support!

You can help right now

You can help right now

A lot refugees need urgent psychological assistance

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