Prosthetics for Ukraine

Why is it needed?

The ongoing russian war on Ukraine has resulted in a significant number of Ukrainians losing limbs, and many of these amputations are complex, requiring a high level of competence in manufacturing prosthetics that are both comfortable and functional. While Ukraine does have several experienced and highly trained upper limb specialists, the current capacity falls short of meeting the increasing demand for prosthetic services.

Why we ask for help?

Although Ukraine has trained upper limb specialists, their numbers are insufficient to meet the growing demand for prosthetics. The existing specialists often face overwhelming workloads, leading to delays in prosthetic fittings and limited access to cutting-edge prosthetic solutions. Moreover, the expertise required for complex cases involving upper limb amputations may require additional training and specialization to ensure optimal outcomes for the affected individuals.
Bilateral lower limb amputees do better and have more chances of walking again if they start with stubbies. These are not covered by the Government program.
Stubbies for Amputees = 5000 – 40 000 Euro
Professional Exchanges of prosthetists-orthotists and other members of a multidisciplinary team are invaluable. They boost expertise in Ukraine and help deal with complex cases.
Professional Exchanges = 50 000 Euro
Most sustainable part of the project will allow us to create a special 3 years university program. Once P&O Professional Standars are set and the first experienced specialists are certified (2023), there is a need for an ISPO accredited full-time Prosthetist-Orthotist Masters Degree Program.
Education Program for 15 orthopedists = 987 000 Euro

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