LUkraine Humanitarian Mission

Why is it needed?

Almost two years ago, the world came together to support Ukraine in its resistance for freedom and the right to be a part of civilized Europe. The ongoing war has caused a devastating humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. According to OCHA, 5.8 million refugees have left Ukraine, and 3.6 million have been internally displaced. Approximately 17.6 million people (49% of the current population) are now in need of humanitarian assistance and protection; 4.1 million of them are children. More than 1,000 attacks on the country’s healthcare system have been recorded, constituting a violation of international humanitarian law. In July, WHO Ukraine reported 1,067 attacks on the Ukrainian healthcare system, with 952 of them targeting hospitals. According to the WHO, this is the largest number of attacks recorded by the agency in any humanitarian emergency. Access to food, drinking water, medical services, and education for kids; assistance with accommodation; and demining liberated territories are the urgent basic needs Ukrainians face every day.

To address these problems, we launched the LUkraine Humanitarian Mission in August 2023 to assist people from close to the front line or liberated territories in Ukraine (Kherson, Zaporizhya, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Dnipro regions) who do not have access to medical and social services.

Our activities:

  • Emergency medical care

  • Medical evacuation of wounded people

  • Mobile dental services

  • Evacuation from dangerous areas close to the frontline territories

  • Accommodation in LUkraine’s shelters

  • Humanitarian aid

  • Psychological help

  • Social workers support

The project is supported by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs Directorate for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Action of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

For three months of the project:

  • 1276 medical evacuations were conducted

  • 511 patients received dental services

  • 670 food packages were distributed

Given the project’s nature, which requires prompt reactions and ad-hoc interventions, LUkraine has established its representative office in Dnipro (Ukraine) to ensure the project stays on track and to provide proper coordination.

Specifically for those who were evacuated and left without a home, LUkraine has established a comfortable shelter that offers access to water, food, medications, electricity, internet, and washing facilities on a temporary basis.

The project partners are the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs Directorate for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Action of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
Why are we asking for help?
Even though the Luxembourgish government covers tha half of the project’s budget, 300,000 EUR, we need financial support to complete the rest. With the escalation of combat events, more and more Ukrainians need our help. Every contribution helps us provide critical services, offer a safe haven, and bring hope to those who live in unbearable conditions.

Project partners

Why we ask for help?

The first convoy of emergency vehicles, including a medical bus, three ambulances, a mobile dental cabinet, and a pickup car, has already been delivered and is currently serving the project team in their efforts.

In anticipation of a Ukrainian counteroffensive with severe battles expected and considering the Ukrainian army’s success in liberating Ukrainian territories, we are preparing for evacuations and hosting more and more civilians. Ukrainians need our help! Your contribution can help save many lives!

Financial target: 600 000 EUR Raised: 450 000 EUR
450 000 EUR 75%

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