Kits for kids

Why is it needed?

East and South of Ukraine have been under constant shelling from the day one of the full-scale invasion, making delivery of food and essentials to these areas literally impossible.
After a liberation of Ukrainian territories in Kharkov, Kherson, Donetsk and Luhansk regions a severe humanitarian crisis became visible to the world. Basic products such as bread, pasta, sugar, oil, as well as candles, became a luxury treat delivered by volunteers.

Why we ask for help?

Thousands of children still live in the close to the frontline territories. They are the most vulnerable population though have little impact on the family’s decision to evacuate. Volunteers deliver essentials and basic food items to the families though children are still children and want to play.
We launch a special fundraiser “Kits for Kids” to collect money for 1000 kits that include children’s essential items along with a treat and a toy.  The cost of one kid’s kit is 15 Euro.

1'000 kids covered = 15'000 Euro

You can help right now

Our Progress 22/23

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