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Допомога україні. Пожертвуй зараз!

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Uncounted 1932.2022. Food as a weapon of genocide

26.11.2022 @ 14:00 - 16:00


We invite you to visit the worst restaurant in the world.
The dishes of the “restaurant” are the foods that Ukrainians used to prevent themselves from dying in 1932-33 during the artificial famine created by the government of the Soviet Union.
In history, these events were called “Holodomor” – when food became a weapon for genocide, since it was taken from Ukrainians to the last crumb with a choice of being shot for any resistance. Therefore, people had to eat tree bark, grass, straw, etc.
By starving, the Soviet authorities deliberately exterminated millions of Ukrainians. On November 26, Ukraine commemorates the victims of the Holodomor.
The genocide perpetrated by the Soviet regime continues to be perpetrated by its successor, modern Russia. Russian soldiers shoot, torture, rape and starve civilians in blockaded cities. We still do not know the exact number of the Holodomor victims and how many people died in the blockaded cities nowadays. The victims of the war, as well as the Holodomor, remain UNCOUNTED.
Residents of the city can try the food that people ate during the Holodomor to survive. Now millions of Ukrainians are trying to survive in Ukrainian cities under shelling and rocket attacks.
Food has again become a weapon with which Russia is now blackmailing the whole world, trying to block ports or trying to get out of the grain agreements.
⏰When: November 26, 14:00 – 16:00
📍Where: Place de Clairefontaine, Luxembourg
No one was punished for the crimes of the Holodomor, so history repeats itself. The world must prevent genocide now, because unpunished evil is coming back.

Місце проведення

Place Clairefontaine
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
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