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CinEast Opening concert: YAGODY (UA) & DJ party

7 Жовтня @ 21:00 - 8 Жовтня @ 04:00

Enchanting folk music band from the Ukrainian Carpathians opens this year’s CinEast festival as part of our “Focus on Ukraine”! 🇺🇦
‘A song fits every moment in a person’s life’, says Zoryana Dybovska, who founded Yagody in 2016 with three other students from the theatre faculty in Lviv, western Ukraine. The four travelled through all the oblasts of Ukraine to explore the musical traditions of local people. Amazed by the richness and charm of the vast collection of songs about life, they decided to give some of them new, more modern clothes and… the unique sound of Yagody was born.
When the band was announced at their first gig, the then nameless band was presented spontaneously as ‘ЯгОди’, meaning ‘berries’, and the name stuck. 🍓🍒 Since then, the band comprising Zoryana Dybovska (vocals, singing bowls), Sofia Leshishak (vocals, djembe), Valeria Mocharska-Lyulchyk (vocals, percussion) and Tatiana Voitov (vocals, bayan) as well as guest musicians on drums, guitar, accordion, or the drymba, a Jewish harp from the Carpathians, have performed on many stages in Ukraine and around Europe. Since Yagody is active also in the world of theatre, its musical stage shows are planned according to dramaturgical principles – their gig is like a performance in one act, like a ritual. Yagody’s repertoire consists of poetic songs from every corner of Ukraine as well as some surrounding regions, including the Balkans. They invite you to their captivating, energising and diverse world of melodies, rhythms and themes and a truly hypnotic fusion of voices, echoing the songs of our ancestors brought by the winds blowing through the fields.
But that’s not all. After the gig, the night continues with a DJ party that will keep you dancing until 3 am.
During the whole event, a selection of authentic Ukrainian dishes will be available on the first floor of the venue, to fuel up your energy levels.
Join us on this immersive journey into Ukrainian music & traditions, dance, and culinary experiences! 🎉
Programme of the evening:
19.30 Doors & food 🍻
21.00 Yagody live 🎶
23.00 DJ party 🎧
19/22 EUR (presale/doors) – 5 EUR from each ticket goes to the CinEast4Ukraine charity project.
Main partner: LUkraine
In collaboration with: Melusina
LUkraine asbl is a registered non-profit organization with a public interest status (F 9931) that raises awareness about Ukraine in the EU and around the world and provides humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

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