Zoli Pinkola Interview

Purple Moon  [https://www.facebook.com/purple.moon.lux] is a loud rock cover band based in Luxembourg, with incredible strength supporting Ukraine and assisting the country. During their performances, Purple Moon collects donations for Ukraine, 100% of which go to LUkraine projects. 

Purple Moon is four music-loving individuals. Vivien Petróczy [https://www.facebook.com/vivienbsw

Pascal Armborst [https://www.facebook.com/pascal.armborst]

Giovanni Perna [https://www.facebook.com/giovanni.perna]

Zoli Pinkola [https://www.facebook.com/zoltan.pinkola]

We have received several incredible responses from Zoli Pinkola, a dedicated supporter of Ukraine, as they share insights from the moment they decided to help. We invite you to read and spread the word. the word.

You’ve been helping for a long time. Do you remember when you decided to support Ukraine?

February 25 of 2022… We had a conversation with the band that week and agreed to do this.

You feel so strong empathy and give support for Ukraine, even though there are no Ukrainians in the band. Why is the war in Ukraine also your war? 

First, it’s wrong, terrible, unjust and unacceptable in all possible ways.

Second, Ukraine’s heroes are protecting our civilization and way of life. They are keeping the barbarians outside the gates and giving everything while doing that. You are driving Leopard, thanks so that Germans don’t have to. You are the border of Europe, and you are keeping Europe safe.

During the band’s performances and motorcycle rides, you speak about Ukraine. How do you inspire others to help and donate?

Well, first, I try to make them understand the above, the fact that it’s way more than Ukraine’s war to liberate your land.

Second, I like to put their donation into perspective. The cost of an ambulance can be 6k, and one ambulance can save 50 people on average before it gets destroyed. If you can save 50 lives with 6000 euros, this means you have saved a life with 120! And prevented 10 other people from going through a tragedy because they lost a close friend or a family member. 

This seems to convince people that their donations matter and don’t fall into a black endless pit. 

I also like to tell them that the heroes of Ukraine need these 10 and 20 euro bills much more than we do. 

Most people end up donating something.

This is truly compelling! However, unfortunately, we see many people running out of resources and motivation to help Ukraine. It’s frightening to think about, but we have to discuss it. Will the world endure this long and challenging marathon?

People are not running out of resources, and running out of “motivation” is a disgrace. It’s not a television show you are allowed to get bored of after the 2nd season – this is the most significant existential fight of Europe since WW2. 

What Orban and US MAGA Republicans are doing is shameful and self-destructive, but I remain hopeful that others will find a way around it. The West needs to make the right decisions and allow Ukraine to finally win. It should’ve a long time ago already. This is a moral imperative and self-interest. The cynical way to put it is that this is the best possible investment in defense they can do. You don’t “negotiate” with Putin; you defeat Putin.

Finally, is there anything you would like to say to Ukrainians or to the world?

To Ukrainians: I believe that the vast majority is supportive, and they understand and are grateful for all the sacrifices your people make. Oh and one more thing – to Ukrainians: the European Union is waiting for you with open arms. You belong with us.

To the world: all of the information is available to everyone. I wish people took the time to educate themselves and understood how immensely important that is, and did the right thing. The right thing is to provide support in ways you can (by donating, volunteering, using your ability to raise awareness in your community and network of friends). The right thing is also to elect politicians who represent what’s right and are not trying to dismantle NATO and the European Union, which is the most significant peace project in existence.

Performance by Purple Moon Band.


 Motorcycle Ride in support of Ukraine by Zoli Pinkola and Luxembourg Motorcycle Club.

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