The second SuperU camp is over! 

Year two of the SuperU Camp, a summer edition of our Ukrainian School Mriya, brought together 58 children aged 6-13 for a diverse experience of Ukrainian and Luxembourgish cultures, languages, sports, and creativity. The camp was held at the Leudelange Scout House. 

During the camp, we had a significant meeting with representatives from the Leadelange’s Commune mayor’s office, including the esteemed Mayor Lou Linster

For the past two years, the unwavering support of Commune de Leudelange has been the driving force behind our Ukrainian School Mriya, and the SuperU Camp. To express their sincere gratitude and respect, the children presented the guests with handmade gifts as symbols of appreciation for  support.

Amazon Luxembourg is a distinguished partner of LUkraine supporting the Mriya School and it’s projects. Thanks to the financial support of the company, Ukrainian kids have a chance to keep attending the school and make new friendships and find a safe place for a their development.

A heartfelt thank you to our sponsor,, and our partner, Leudelange Commune, for making this project a reality for our kids. This support creates an environment where children can not only learn and play but also feel a deeper connection to their Ukrainian roots and Luxembourgish culture.

We live in a world where cultural diversity plays a vital role in societal development. 

Preserving our national identity and language is a crucial aspect of this diversity. The Ukrainian language is our cherished treasure, one that we must pass on to future generations. Learning their native language helps children stay connected to their roots.

Mriya School is a place where children have the opportunity to learn the Ukrainian language, delve into the history and traditions of Ukraine, and connect with peers who share common interests and values. Our school plays a pivotal role in shaping national consciousness and fostering unity within the Ukrainian community in Luxembourg.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Amazon, a sponsor of the Mriya School and a summer camp for all Ukrainian children.”, Olena Berkovich, Head of Mriya School, says. As we continue this journey, we’re reminded that the smiles, dreams, and aspirations of these children are at the heart of our project. With the enduring support of our partners and community, we’re not just nurturing children’s education – we’re creating a brighter future for all of us.

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