LUkraine Celebrates Ukraine’s Independence Day

At the end of August, LUkraine and its friends gathered to celebrate Ukraine’s Independence Day, which falls on August 24th. This year’s theme for the Ukraine Independence Day celebration was kites, symbolising freedom and resilience. During the festival, both kids and adults participated in workshops on kite making and flying. Additionally, guests had the opportunity to engage in beadwork, traditional Ukrainian Petrykivka painting, and vyshyvanka workshops. The event featured animated shows with soap bubbles and wood carving, as well as a Ukrainian products market and a food court.

The evening’s headline act was the Ukrainian band ТNМК, founded in the early 90s in Ukraine. They are pioneers of Ukrainian hip-hop, rapcore, and funk culture. Notably, the band’s members actively serve in the Ukrainian defense and armed forces, with the frontman, Fagot, having been part of the volunteer battalion that defended Kyiv against invasion. The band is dedicated to supporting Ukrainian defenders in their resistance.

As with all of LUkraine’s events, this was a charity festival. Alongside the TNMK band, funds were raised to support Ukrainians in their time of need and resistance.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who joined us in celebrating this significant day for the country. During times of war, Ukraine’s Independence Day carries even greater significance as a symbol of Ukraine’s unbreakable spirit.

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