17 rescue vehicles departed from Luxembourg to save Ukrainian lives

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Luxembourg, December 21

17 rescue vehicles departed from Luxembourg to save Ukrainian lives

On December 21, the first convoy with rescue vehicles for Ukraine departed from Luxembourg. It was the first batch of vehicles delivered to Ukraine ASBL within a framework of the global fundraising campaign Ukraine is Calling, a global fundraising campaign launched by Luxembourg-based non-profit organization LUkraine ASBL this October. 

This convoy includes 16 cars  – 12 ambulances and 4 fire trucks. 8 of these vehicles were provided by the Ministry of Interior of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the rest were purchased with individual donations and business contributions of companies based in Luxembourg. Mr. Francois Meyer, Artec3D, CineAst Film Festival, and PubliLux kindly covered the full price of certain cars. 

The cars are expected to be delivered to Lviv on 23.11 and will be handed over to the State Emergency Service and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Among the convoy drivers are a few volunteers of LUkraine ASBL.

Ukraine is Calling campaign aims to raise 10M EUR for buying 112 firetrucks and ambulances to support Ukrainian emergency services and medical system in rescuing civilians from the consequences of Russian full-scale invasion. The campaign started in Luxembourg but very soon it spread around other countries and became global. More than 2000 fire trucks and 400 ambulances have been destroyed since the beginning of the war, and this number is increasing daily. Ukraine loses on average 10 ambulance cars every week in this war. As rescue vehicles are consumable materials at war, with their excessive shortage emergency services need to choose which emergency to deal with first.

“On behalf of all the Ukrainians and the Ukrainian government, I would like to thank the Luxembourg government, businesses, and everyone who contributed to the campaign for your great generosity and unconditional support of Ukrainians in these hard times. We highly appreciate your help and are strongly convinced that it will help to save hundreds of innocent lives in this war. Your support helps to further our mission through Ukraine is callings, and we will keep raising funds to  accomplish it”, Inna Yaremenko, VP of LUkraine ASBL, thanks. 

 About LUkraine: 

LUkraine ASBL is a Luxembourg-based non-profit that was founded in 2014. Association unites the Ukrainian Community in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to increase awareness about Ukraine in Luxembourg and contribute to humanitarian crisis relief in Ukraine. Over the past six months, LUkraine has focused its activities on the fields of emergency response, sending ambulances, life-saving medical equipment, and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Association provides informational, psychological, and humanitarian aid to refugees in Luxemburg. LUkraine also helps with the integration process through language and job-seeking courses.

Press contact: inna.yaremenko@ukrainians.lu 

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