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Our Mission

The greatness of humanity is not in being human, but in being humane.

LUkraine asbl is a Luxembourg-based nonprofit with a public interest status that unites the Ukrainian Community in Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to increase awareness about Ukraine in Luxembourg and contribute to the humanitarian crisis relief in Ukraine.
  • to support Ukraine through humanitarian crisis relief projects to contribute to Ukraine’s brave endurance;
  • to create opportunities for a better future for those in need in both Ukraine and Luxembourg;
  • to strengthen relations between Luxembourg and Ukraine in economic, cultural and social aspects;
  • to promote Ukraine as a fair partner amongst European nations, to shed visibility on its true power to contribute on a global level.



How we work

As a non-profit organization primarily focused on crisis relief programs in Ukraine, we recognize the significance of ensuring the efficacy and impact of our initiatives. When it comes to assessing whether our programs will function, we employ several key strategies:

1. Needs Assessment: In the communities we serve, we conduct in-depth needs assessments to determine the specific challenges, gaps, and priorities. This helps us tailor our programs to address the most prevalent issues and ensure they are relevant and impactful.

2. Collaborative Methodology: We collaborate with local stakeholders, including community members, government entities, and partner organizations, to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the context and to design and implement our programs. This collaborative strategy ensures that our interventions are in line with the requirements and realities of the local community.

3. Evidence-Based Practices: Our program strategies are grounded in evidence-based practices and established methodologies. Our program design is informed by the most recent research and best practices in crisis relief and humanitarian assistance. This allows us to implement interventions and strategies that have been successful in analogous settings.

4. Monitoring and Evaluation: To track the progress, outcomes, and impact of our programs, we implement robust monitoring and evaluation systems. By setting clear goals, indicators, and targets, we can regularly assess whether our interventions are achieving the desired results. To ensure that we have a comprehensive understanding of the program’s efficacy, we acquire data, conduct surveys, and conduct qualitative assessments.

5. Adaptive Management: We believe in adaptive management, which means that we continually learn from our experiences, make adjustments, and enhance our programs based on feedback and evaluation results. This iterative strategy enables us to respond to new challenges, refine our strategies, and maximize the positive impact of our programs.

We are committed to transparency and accountability in our reporting. Our stakeholders, including donors, partners, and the communities we serve, receive regular updates and reports on the progress, outcomes, and financial stewardship of our programs. This ensures that our donors are aware of the impact of their contributions and fosters confidence in our organization.

By combining requirements assessment, collaboration, evidence-based practices, monitoring and evaluation, adaptive management, and transparent reporting, we aim to ensure the success and efficiency of our crisis relief programs.

Our Story

Our association was founded in 2014 following the spirit of the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine and continued to act amid the ongoing war from that year, focusing on 

  • saving human lives
  • creating awareness about situation in Ukraine 
  • direct involvement with the community 
  • social and cultural integration

Following the russian invasion in Donetsk and Luhansk regions in 2014, in LUkraine we had identified humanitarian and medical sphere to be our priorities.  We were focusing on collecting and procuring hemostatic medical materials, first aid kits and hospital equipment.  Back then we have sent our first ambulance to Slovyansk, it was the only reanimation vehicle in the town for the next two years.

During that period, we learnt that together we are stronger.  Building a community, that preserves its Ukrainian identity and at the same time enjoys cultural exchange, created a strong base for today’s LUkraine.  Language and integration courses for Ukrainians and Luxembourgers became a true networking platform to build a link between Ukrainian and Luxembourgish cultures.  Saturday school “Barvinok” welcomed the smallest Ukrainians to learn about their country while living beyond its borders. 

In 2019, Ukrainian stand at annual charity fair “International Bazaar” had received a grant for “I am the Future of Ukraine” – “City of Good” project, which supports mothers and children in need and creates inclusive children’s playgrounds (Chernivtsi). 

Distance from Luxembourg to Ukraine is less than 1300 km, while gap in knowledge of each other cultures is bigger.  LUkraine had organized visits of a number of famous Ukrainians – artist Ivan Marchuk, writers Kateryna Babkina, Irena Karpa, Serhii Zhadan, activist and musician Ruslana Lezhychko, to fill this void and introduce Ukraine to local residents. 

An action “Let’s light a candle of memory”, dedicated to the Holodomor in Ukraine in 1932-1933, was supported by Ukrainian Embassy in the Kingdom of Belgium and Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and was attended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin.

LUkraine’s continues its efforts to promote Ukraine’s positive representation in Europe as well as create opportunities for a better future for those in need. Foremost, LUkraine asbl aims to work towards Ukraine’s recognition as a fair partner amongst European nations, to shed visibility on its true power to contribute on a global level.

LUkraine asbl founders in 2014

Nicolas Zharov
Nataliya Tkachenko
Valeriya Yuskevych
Kateryna Okrhimenko
Maryna Boissier
Denys Sydorets
Milla Moskaliuk
LUkraine asbl is a registered non-profit organization with a public interest status (F 9931) that raises awareness about Ukraine in the EU and around the world and provides humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

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