The Ukrainian Integration Hub:

Accelerating European integration amidst war

Why is it needed?

In the face of ongoing full-scale military aggression against Ukraine, the Ukrainian Integration Hub (UIH) project aims to address the complex challenge of the displacement of more than seven million Ukrainian refugees, most of whom have found temporary respite in various European nations. This project recognizes the duality of their plight – the significant barriers to integration in their host nations and the dwindling likelihood of their voluntary return due to the persistent conflict.

Key components of the UIH project will include:
  • Integration and Empowerment Programs: These initiatives will provide vocational training, language courses, psychological support, and access to educational resources, fostering refugees’ financial independence and societal integration.
  • EU Knowledge Immersion Programs: Through a series of workshops, seminars, and cultural exchanges, this initiative will impart a deep understanding of the EU, focusing on its democratic values, institutions, policies, and operational frameworks, with a specific focus on Luxembourg
  • Yearly budget: 400 000 EUR
    (600 euros/preson/year)

    Why we ask for help?

    The UIH project’s objectives extend beyond short-term refugee management, instead focusing on fostering long-term societal integration, financial independence, and social inclusion. Our mission is twofold: to help these displaced Ukrainians become self-sufficient and well-integrated in their host countries while also providing comprehensive knowledge and insights about the functioning of the European Union, with a special emphasis on Luxembourg.
    This approach will equip returning refugees with a nuanced understanding of European systems, institutions, policies, and societies, thereby equipping them with the tools and inspiration to champion reform in their home country. We believe that fostering such informed and motivated individuals will catalyze Ukraine’s integration into the European Union and significantly boost the country’s overall development.
    By addressing both the immediate and future needs of displaced Ukrainians, the UIH project aims to foster resilient communities, bridge cultural divides, and contribute to Ukraine’s ambitious journey towards integration with the European Union.

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