Housing for refugees


More than 1000 Ukrainian families do not have a place to live.

Families with kids or pets have to live in host families or in temporary constructed plastic tents.


We accommodate Ukrainians, who have temporary protection status, in houses, which are currently available but would need to be demolished in a few years.

Our association signs the agreement with communes/house owners on behalf of Ukrainian refugees for a minimum duration of 1 year, which gives these people a chance to integrate in Luxembourg.

Moreover, LUkaraine guarantees a provision of basic conditions for a comfortable life in those houses.

Join our project and help Ukrainian refugees!

You can help right now

Join our project and help Ukrainian refugees!

If you have a house or a flat and you would like to participate in this important project - please fill out the form below. If you would like to help financially - please do so via the link below.



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