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Kharkiv region has been shelled from the day one of full-scale invasion, making delivery of food and essentials to this area literally impossible. Small villages next to the frontline suffer the most.


Kharkiv-based charitable fund Haustov and LUkraine asbl together help civilians affected by the war the most: we prepare
  • food kits with sugar
  • flour
  • canned food
  • pasta
  • vegetable oil
  • cereals
  • tea
  • as well as basic hygiene products as wet wipes
  • and toilet paper.

    CF Haustov distributes kits in the region.
  • You can help right now


    1000 food kits were prepared and distributed in towns and villages close to the frontline.
    Stary Saltiv, Bazaliivka, Brigadyrivka, Vyshneva, Kryuchki, Nurov, Ivanivka, Stepov, Studena, Glynske and others – see how we made it happen


    After a liberation of Ukrainian territories in Kharkov, Donetsk and Luhansk regions a severe humanitarian crisis became visible to the world. Together, LUkraine asbl and CF Haustov, continue to help residents of recently liberated towns and villages with basic food and essentials.

    Due to the constant shelling and damage of energy infrastructure, food that doesn’t require cooking or heating and candles are in critical need. Help us to help Ukrainians survive!
    LUkraine asbl is a registered non-profit organization with a public interest status (F 9931) that raises awareness about Ukraine in the EU and around the world and provides humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

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