Help Ukraine. Donate now!

Help Ukraine.
Donate now!

Achievements Ukrainian Community in Luxembourg


rescue vehicles procured for the Ukrainian first responders


tons of humanitarian aid collected for Ukraine


food packages distributed in Ukraine


psychological assistance sessions conducted


refugees joined language courses


kids involved in extra curricular activities and Mriya School


Ukrainian books offered in UA LU Library


cultural and advocacy events


Our Projects


Language classes

Help us to raise funding to maintain our school as, for the moment, it exists thanks to donations.

Psychological assistance

Psychological trauma or PTSD among refugees is a real and pressing concern. Unfortunately, refugees’ stories don’t end when they escape - violence and humanitarian crises take huge tolls on people’s mental health.

Emergency response

Generators of Life

Millions of people are living without electricity, heat, water and phone/internet access

Food packages UA

Food packages and essentials for the civilians in recently liberated regions are life-saving - join us to help!

Ambulatory care

We are willing to patronise a renovation of an ambulatory care hospital from the list presented by the MoH of Ukraine

Clean energy for Children in Ukraine

providing simple but valuable solution – solar energy


Worldwide fundraising campaign launched by Luxembourg based nonprofit organization - LUkraine and partners.

Ukrainian HUB


Help uprooted children keep in touch with their roots by learning their native language, history and culture.


Literature is a significant part of Ukrainian culture, so it is quite natural that we, Ukrainians, can’t live without being able to read books in our native language.

Vesna Ensemble

Vesna - folk Ukrainian dance group.

We are a team of people who are in love with movement, dance, Ukrainian music and culture!

Completed Projects


Due to the war there is a lack of ambulances to help aid the wounded people

Uambulance 2

Due to the war there is a lack of ambulances to help aid the wounded people

UA Firemen Aid

Due to the war, there are not enough fire trucks to provide emergency care


We need your support to organize a similar camp during the next school holidays

Medical supplies

We buy and send emergency medical supplies. Continue to help us out with this and save lives. Stand with Ukraine!

Stop the Bleed

LUkraine asbl has opened a call for action, to contract sponsor(s) or collect funds to supply 2.000 tourniquets of CAT or TMT type.

Pedagogical farm

There are a lot of IDP going to a safer part of Ukraine in the West

Tactical Medicine training

If at least 60% of the battalion’s personnel know how to provide first aid, the chances of survival of the wounded increase dramatically.

Housing for Refugees

Families with kids or pets have to live in host families or in temporary constructed plastic tents


We are grateful to all Luxembourg families who host Ukrainians and support them .

Furniture project

Ukrainian families are in need of furniture. To help them, please contact us at

Our Partners

LUkraine asbl is a registered non-profit organization (F 9931) that raises awareness about Ukraine in the EU and around the world and provides humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Bank Transfer

Name: LUkraine ASBL
IBAN: LU28 0030 3148 6941 0000
Reference: Donation Ukraine