Luxembourgish Communities Gifted Five Ambulances for Ukraine

At the beginning of December, another convoy of five ambulances departed for Ukraine within the framework of the Ukraine is Calling campaign by LUkraine. This international fundraising initiative aims to deliver 112 emergency vehicles (fire trucks and ambulances) to Ukraine to save human lives. The project recently received the European Citizen’s Prize 2023 from the European Parliament. With these three ambulances, 52 rescue vehicles have been delivered to Ukraine as of December. Among them, 14 armored ambulances were financed by the Directorate of Defense of Luxembourg, and 8 ambulances were provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Luxembourg. This convoy was launched with the financial support of the Luxembourgish communities – Voice, Art&Social, CinEast, and the Commune of Bettembourg. 

 Voice, Art & Social started a fundraising campaign featuring artworks by one of their painters, Keith Grant. Shocked by the Russian military aggression, he created four paintings about Ukraine’s resistance. Two of them, ‘From a Ukrainian Child’s Room’ and ‘When You Are Gone,’ were sold, and all the money raised was donated to the project. “Art is always in praise of humanity and, in its greatest moments, affirms our shared awareness of the beauty of nature and our need to cherish and protect all life. I feel very privileged that the sale of my paintings raised sufficient money to buy two ambulances as humanitarian assistance to the courageous and gifted Ukrainian people,” Keith explains.
Moreover, to attract more attention to the war in Ukraine and show solidarity, in collaboration with Luxembourgish and Ukrainian musicians, Voice, Art & Social composed and produced a song titled ‘To be Stronger Together’ (Fir zesumme staark ze sinn). Also, this October, they organized a charity Symphony of Solidarity event, a charity live concert featuring diverse music genres, and an art exhibition.
Within the campaign, Voice, Art & Social raised and donated 27,000 EUR to the project. Brigitta Best, the president of the organization, comments, “Ukraine is a part of Europe, and whatever happens, it happens to us here as well. That is why we should stay together to get through these tough times.”

CinEast dedicated this year’s festival to Ukraine and focused their charity efforts on fundraising for Ukraine is Calling during the event. Besides promoting the Ukrainian cinema industry, all the money raised during the festival, including ticket sales, was donated to the project. The festival raised almost 13,000 EUR in total.
Radek Lipka, the president of CinEast, comments, “The war in Ukraine may seem to be in stagnation, and some people might think it’s not as bad as it was last year. However, it is essential to remember that Ukrainians are fighting for all of us, and there is no guarantee it won’t spread further. We should stay together to keep reminding Ukrainians they are not alone.”

CinEast has been a reliable partner for LUkraine. In 2022, the organization purchased one ambulance for the project and has actively contributed to LUkraine’s Kits for Kids initiative, delivering product packages for kids in frontline territories in Ukraine, and organizing charity movie screenings.

The Commune of Bettembourg contributed 1,000 EUR to complete the purchase budget.

Nicolas Zharov, the President of LUkraine, expresses his deepest gratitude to all the contributors, “Now, more than ever, we need to consolidate our efforts to continue supporting Ukraine. We seek the solidarity of Luxembourg standing with us, and we appreciate every contribution the Luxembourgish community makes. We genuinely hope that, through joint efforts, we can provide even more support. Thank you to our Luxembourgish partners, friends, and supporters who hold Ukraine in their hearts.”

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