LUkraine’s Response to Dam Destruction in Kherson Region

On June 6, 2023, Russian troops blew up the Nova Kakhovka Dam in the Kherson region of Ukraine, causing a catastrophic flood. This devastating act resulted in 46 settlements immediately falling into the flood zone. According to the National Police, 17 citizens have lost their lives in the flooded area, with 20 others injured, and many more reported missing. The extent of casualties in the occupied territories is still unknown. The water leak spread across four regions of Ukraine, namely Kherson, Mykolaiv, Zaporizhzhya, and the Dnipro region, with approximately 600 square kilometers of the Kherson region affected by flooding. The incident marks the most significant environmental disaster in Europe in the last decade. Soil and surface water contamination with toxins have impacted water supplies in the southern regions while flooding in nature reserves has led to the loss of flora and fauna. Additionally, extensive flooding of agricultural lands and subsequent irrigation issues may result in crop failures, impacting food security. The flooding of landfills and the deaths of animals have also complicated the epidemic situation.

LUkraine immediately initiated a fundraising campaign for emergency response efforts in response to this tragedy. Our partner Artec 3D donated 8,000 EUR we transferred to the Haystov Foundation, our partner organization in Ukraine.

Thanks to this generous contribution:

  • 270 people and 90 animals were successfully evacuated.
  • 70 children received vital assistance.
  • 50 families received portable gas kits.
  • 150 humanitarian kits were provided to those in need.

Overall, the Hyustov Foundation delivered around 36 tons of humanitarian aid. 

With the money we raised during our fundraising campaign, we bought 82 tons of bottled drinking water that our partners, CF Sky of UA, and the International Assistance Headquarters for Ukrainians, helped distribute across affected areas.

In addition, LUkraine organized a collection of goods and supplies for victims. Overall, the following items were dispatched: boxes of provision, food for animals, pillows and blankets, hygiene products, and medical supplies.

We deeply appreciate the support of everyone who contributed to saving innocent lives during this tragedy. However, the war is ongoing, and more Ukrainians need urgent help. You can make a significant difference.

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