LUkraine has been officially recognized as a Public Interest Organization

LUkraine is thrilled to announce that on June 8, it officially obtained the status of a public interest organization in Luxembourg. 

The public interest status is granted to foundations whose purpose is to carry out philanthropic, philosophical, religious, scientific, artistic, educational, or cultural work. This recognition signifies the government’s consideration and acceptance of LUkraine’s activities and their contribution to societal development at the national level. Obtaining the status of a public interest brings benefits to both the organization and its beneficiaries. LUkraine is now authorized to receive legacies, life insurance, and donations while being fully exempt from transfer duties. This means that all donations and financial aid received by the organization will directly support our project budgets.

This achievement marks a significant milestone for LUkraine. Since its establishment in 2014, the organization has been dedicated to supporting Ukraine and promoting Ukrainian interests worldwide. While dedicating ourselves to making a social impact, LUkraine has always upheld the highest standards in our work and services, ensuring financial transparency and compliance for our stakeholders. Being recognized as a public utility means that we now have even greater abilities and opportunities to advocate for Ukraine on a governmental level, fostering stronger connections between Luxembourg and Ukraine and creating a platform for mutually beneficial cooperation.

LUkraine expresses its deepest gratitude to the government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the Ministry of Justice for their tremendous support and trust in us as a reliable member of the national organizations ecosystem and an active contributor to Luxembourgish society. We also extend our heartfelt appreciation to our partners, members, volunteers, the media, and the people of Luxembourg for their constant support of LUkraine’s activities and their unwavering stand for Ukraine.

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