LUkraine asbl urges the government to recognize Russia as a state supporting terrorism

Press release
June 7, 2023, Luxembourg

LUkraine asbl urges the government to recognize Russia as a state supporting terrorism

This letter follows recent news about Russian military forces launching a devastating attack on the Kakhovka hydroelectric dam, resulting in an ecological, economic, and humanitarian catastrophe. It has caused drinking water supply issues for 2 million people and a potential nuclear disaster. This act qualifies as state terrorism and is a violation of the UN Charter, the Resolutions of the UN General Assembly, the Geneva Convention, and international law.

This is not the first attempt by LUkraine to urge the authorities of Luxembourg to grant Russia this status. Following the aforementioned European Parliament Resolution, Nicolas Zharov, President of LUkraine, initiated a relevant petition. However, it was rejected with explanations provided by Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, Mr. Jean Asselborn:

“Designating a permanent member of the Security Council as such, which would be difficult to reverse, would be unprecedented, and the consequences thereof are hard to foresee. Contrary to the implications of the petition, such designation is not required to establish a special criminal tribunal to investigate and judge Russia’s act of aggression against Ukraine.”

Designating Russia as a state supporting terrorism would lead to strengthened sanctions, diplomatic and economic isolation of Russia, the possibility of bringing the Russian Federation to justice in the courts of other countries, and the establishment of special tribunals to investigate its crimes. Several countries, including Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands, have already made the decision to recognize the Russian Federation as a sponsor of terrorism. The NATO Parliamentary Assembly and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe have also expressed similar sentiments. In November 2022, the European Parliament accepted a resolution on the designation of the Russian Federation as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Meanwhile, LUkraine asbl is raising money for the emergency response to help the victims of the catastrophe in Nova Kakhovka during their ongoing Ukrainian culture festival UA Days in Luxembourg. Support their mission by making donations during the event, on the website, and by sharing their open letter calling for the recognition of Russia as a sponsor of terrorism on social media: 

Press contact:
Olena Neskorodiana, PR&Communications at LUkraine asbl 

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