Official Opening Ceremony of UA Days in Luxembourg Festival

June 5, 2023
Luxembourg, Press release 

“Extravaganza” with Vasyl Popadiuk at Tramsschapp: Official Opening Ceremony of UA Days in Luxembourg Festival

On June 5th, LUkraine asbl officially inaugurated its first Ukrainian culture festival, Ukrainian Days in Luxembourg (UA Days), with a performance titled “Extravaganza” by Oleksandr Teterin and renowned Ukrainian violinist Vasyl Popadiuk at Tramsschapp.

“Extravaganza” by Oleksandr Teterin, a distinguished Ukrainian artist and filmmaker, is a portrayal of mythical creatures and characters from “The Forest Song” (1911), a fantasy play by the famous Ukrainian writer Lesya Ukrainka. Lesya Ukrainka, a prominent feminist writer, was a leading figure in the modernist movement in Ukrainian literature. Her poem ‘Hope’ (Nadiya) was recited by Catherine Deneuve during this year’s Cannes festival to show support for Ukraine. “The Forest Song” depicts the harmonious and contradictory relationship between the world of humans and the world of nature.

Vasyl Popadiuk’s show was the true highlight of the evening. Known as the “Ukrainian Paganini” for his virtuoso violin playing, he is also the founder and lead player of the PAPADUKE band, in addition to being skilled in 15 musical instruments. Despite residing in Canada since 1997, Popadiuk actively participates in international charity concerts to support Ukrainians and promote Ukrainian culture. During the event, he mesmerized the audience with a fusion of Eastern European melodies, classic pop, rock, jazz, and traditional Slavic and gypsy music, earning a standing ovation.

Following Vasyl’s performance, one of LUkraine’s dedicated volunteers and friends recited a poem, “Contra Spem Spero” by Lesya Ukrainka, and the guests had the opportunity to savor Ukrainian cuisine at the event’s buffet.

The esteemed speakers were:

  • Anne Calteux, Head of Representation at the Representation of the EU Commission in Luxembourg
  • Natalia Anoshyna, Chargé d’Affaires of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
  • Nicolas Zharov, President of LUkraine asbl
  • Inna Yaremenko, Vice-President of LUkraine

“In the current context, culture has become a major battlefield in the ongoing war. Russia is intentionally committing cultural genocide every day. Since February 2022, Russia has inflicted damage or destruction upon more than 1,472 Ukrainian cultural centers, libraries, art schools, museums, 580 architectural monuments, and 270 religious sites. Countless artworks and historical artifacts have been stolen, resulting in a total estimated damage of $7 billion. By supporting Ukraine, you not only express solidarity with us but also defend the values of a democratic society, such as freedom of speech and the right to self-determination,” states Inna Yaremenko, Vice President of LUkraine.

Anne Calteaux, Head of Representation at the Representation of the EU Commission in Luxembourg, emphasized, “Ukrainian culture will survive. We will not allow Putin to destroy it. It is our duty to ensure that this culture lives on, and the voices of Ukrainians are heard loud and clear.”

UA Days in Luxembourg is a festival that showcases Ukrainian culture and facilitates cultural exchange between Ukraine and Luxembourg. It offers a diverse range of activities to explore and experience the richness of Ukrainian heritage in various forms, including music, cinema, art, fashion, and photography. The festival’s events will take place at different locations until June 15, 2023. For the detailed program, please visit the official website:

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Press contact: Olena Neskorodiana, PR&Communications

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