Brigitta Best: “There is a lot of goodness in this world; unfortunately, it’s not showcased enough.”

Brigitta Best, the President of Voice, Art and Social, a non-profit organization supporting artists and social and charitable projects, has been a great supporter of LUkraine. Shocked by the Russian military aggression, she and her team raised money to support our project. To attract more attention to the war in Ukraine and show solidarity, in collaboration with Luxembourgish and Ukrainian musicians, Voice, Art & Social composed and produced a song titled ‘To be Stronger Together’ (Fir zesumme staark ze sinn). In October 2023, Voice, Art & Social organized a charity Symphony of Solidarity event, a charity live concert featuring diverse music genres, and an art exhibition. All the raised money she donated to Ukraine is Calling project to buy more ambulances for Ukrainian rescuers. Brigitta shared some insights with us.

You dedicate a significant part of your life to bringing humanitarian help and volunteering, generously investing time and resources where needed. What does volunteering mean to you?

Engaging in humanitarian help and volunteering allows me to do something purposeful and make a positive difference. As a regular person without any political power, it’s my way of contributing to goodness and humanity where it is needed.

In the last two years, volunteering in Ukraine has grown remarkably. Many Ukrainians are actively involved, either in defending the country or contributing socially through donations, global advocacy, purchasing essential items, and aiding refugees. How do you generally perceive the inclination to support social projects among people here in Luxembourg and Western Europe?

I would say that, in general, people are more inclined to support social projects when natural disasters or wars happen, especially when they are close to where people live. Additionally, quite a few people donate regularly to organizations or social projects they are interested in. One of the very rewarding side aspects of my engagement in humanitarian help and volunteering is seeing how many people are involved in these kinds of activities. There is a lot of goodness in this world; unfortunately, it’s not showcased enough.

We often discuss with volunteers and partners what drives them in their desire to help Ukraine. What feeling gives you the strength to fight for Ukraine?

I would say empathy for innocent victims and the desire to save lives.

When we do good deeds, we don’t always see immediate results. And it’s often about trust. Why do you choose to support our association, LUkraine, and what builds trust in our cause for you?

Knowing and working with members of LUkraine shows how hardworking and dedicated they are to helping displaced Ukrainians in Luxembourg and providing important humanitarian and life-saving help in Ukraine. Also, LUkraine’s transparency regarding the use of donated money, along with providing pictures and videos from their work in Ukraine, gives me trust and confidence.

Thank you for your response, Brigitta! It’s really important for us to hear it. Finally, is there anything you would like to say to Ukrainians?

We stand with you. We will continue supporting you. Know that millions of people love you. Better days will come when we celebrate Peace and Freedom. Your wish for independence and democracy is our wish. Together we are strong.


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