LUkraine Awarded the European Citizen’s Prize by the European Parliament

European Citizen’s Prize, awarded annually by the European Parliament, recognizes initiatives that contribute to European cooperation and the promotion of shared values. LUkraine has been bestowed with the prestigious European Citizen’s Prize by the European Parliament for the significance of our “Ukraine is Calling” project—a fundraising campaign aiming to procure 112 emergency vehicles (fire trucks and ambulances) to save human lives during the war in Ukraine.

As of today, 46 emergency vehicles have already been delivered to Ukraine. Among them, 8 were handed over by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Luxembourg, and 14 armored ambulances were delivered to the closest frontline territories.

All rescue vehicles have been transferred to the State Emergency Services of Ukraine and the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, in accordance with the respective memoranda signed. The project gains the support of the Representation of the European Commission in Luxembourg, the Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Belgium, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Luxembourg, the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works, and the Grand-Ducal Fire and Rescue Corps of Luxembourg.

In addition, as part of our awareness-raising activities, we have installed exhibits featuring fire trucks and ambulances destroyed by Russian troops in Ukraine across Europe (Luxembourg, France, Belgium, Netherlands, and the UK). The final destination is planned for The Hague, the Netherlands, in front of the International Criminal Court, as a symbol that all war crimes must and will be punished, and justice will be restored.

LUkraine is deeply honored to receive such a prestigious award, which reflects the strong solidarity of the European community and the close cooperation between Ukraine and Luxembourg. This award is a testament to the collective effort of all those who have supported and contributed to our cause, demonstrating the power of unity and compassion in times of the war. As we move forward, we are inspired by the words of encouragement and hope from all those who stand with us.

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