365 Days of Invasion Solidarity March

Press Release
Luxembourg, February 25, 2023,

“365 Days of Invasion – Bravery. Solidarity. Victory.” Ukrainians of Luxembourg commemorate one year of war during a solidarity march

On Saturday, February 25, Ukrainians in Luxembourg gathered in the capital for a solidarity march titled ‘365 Days of Invasion – Bravery. Solidarity. Victory.’ to commemorate the first year of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. The march was organized by LUkraine asbl.

Their excellencies Ms. Fleur Thomas, Ambassador of the UK; Mr. Piotr Wojtczak, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland; and honored guests François Bausch, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, Minister of Mobility and Public Works; Christophe Hansen, the quaestor of the European Parliament/MEP from Luxembourg; Isabel Wiseler-Lima, MEP from Luxembourg; Claude Wiseler, Member of the Chamber of Deputies; Claude Radoux, the Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Luxembourg; N. Anoshyna, Chargée d’Affaires a.i. of Ukraine to the Kingdom of Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg; and Nicolas Zharov, President of LUkraine asbl joined the event.

The campaign’s motto is ‘Bravery. Solidarity. Victory.’ Bravery for Ukraine and its allies not to be scared in the face of global evil; Solidarity is for standing with Ukraine and joining efforts to support it in this battle; Victory is for the bright future for Ukraine and the entire world that is coming soon.

“This march aims to remind everyone that Ukraine and its armed forces have been shielding Europe and the world order from Russian aggression for one year already and paying an extremely high price for it. It is not just a local conflict, it’s a global confrontation of authoritarian and democratic worlds. Saving Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence is the only way to prevent further invasion of Europe. With this unconditional support, European Union has been demonstrating, we are assured Ukraine will win.”, explains Inna Yaremenko, Vice President of LUkraine asbl.

Attendees met at Gare Central and marched towards Place de Clairefontaine carrying Ukrainian flags and banners with words of gratitude to the citizens of Luxembourg and the Luxembourgish government not only for supporting Ukraine but also for hosting Ukrainian refugees.

Nicolas Zharov, President of Luxembourg, says “About 5,000 refugees were welcomed here in Luxembourg. The solidarity we have seen from the Luxembourgish government and Luxembourgish civil society who opened their hearts and homes to Ukrainian refugees is astonishing. Thank you. I would also like to thank the Luxembourgish government and parliament, The Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg, NGOs working on the ground, and other actors. Luxembourg is a true example of a small country with a big heart, strong commitment, and impressive possibilities.”

About LUkraine:

LUkraine asbl is a Luxembourg-based non-profit organization that was founded in 2014. The association unites the Ukrainian community in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to increase awareness about Ukraine in Luxembourg and contribute to humanitarian crisis relief in Ukraine. Over the past year, LUkraine has focused its activities on the fields of emergency response, sending ambulances, life-saving medical equipment, and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The association provides informational, psychological, and humanitarian aid to refugees in Luxembourg. LUkraine also helps with the integration process through language and job-seeking courses.

Press contact: inna.yaremenko@ukrainians.lu

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