Shame on the marauders!

An action “Shame on the marauders!” Took place on April 16 in Luxembourg near the russian Embassy

How much does a life cost? Half full cheap parfumes? A washing machine?.. Used panties? russian soldiers huddle Ukrainian people into basements, go raping, murdering, torturing — and then trashing their houses stealing everything from women’s tights, used children’s panties, slippers to mixers, forks and even toilets.

Today we’ve brought all the stuff that could be of interest for russian looters to the Embassy of Shame and Cruelty – russian embassy. This blood is painted. But russians will never wash away the real blood from all the things they have stolen.

LUkraine asbl is a registered non-profit organization with a public interest status (F 9931) that raises awareness about Ukraine in the EU and around the world and provides humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

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