Protest against russian aggression in Ukraine

A hundred demonstrators gathered outside the Russian Embassy in Luxembourg on Saturday to demand an end to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The protest calls against Russian aggression in Ukraine and against Russia’s presence in Europe – diplomatic, business or cultural:

Stop the war!
Stop killing people, stop raping Ukrainian women!
Stop the genocide of the Ukrainian nation!

The Russian war machine now draws its strength from its economy. Every business decision made in support of trade with Russia strengthens the position of the military aggressor. It allows Russia to continue to grossly violate the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of Ukraine.

We firmly condemn the maintaining of commercial ties with Russia and believe that trade with Russia must be stopped immediately. Doing business with a country that has initiated hostilities has to be considered economic warfare with the entire democratic world.

The protest is organised by LUkraine, a Luxembourgian association representing the Ukrainian community in the Grand Duchy.

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